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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Happy Halloween!

My mother, Joan, was a writer starting at an early age. Though her prose diaries from her teenage years have been published, she also wrote poetry. In the meantime, enjoy this little poem from when she was 10 on Halloween, 1933. She might have been a poor kid in Chicago, but her imagination was rich.


Dance Jack-O’Lantern

Dance Jack-O’Lantern

Wander at will!

Witches are meeting

Hobgoblins greeting

High on the hill!

Moonbeams flicker

Out on the green.

Fairies are seen,


Candles are gleaming

Minds are dreaming

Fortunes foretell.

Magic is making

Ghosts are awaking

Bound by a spell.

And now for a little treat (or trick?) from 1933: Boop-boopdy-doo!

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