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Of course every doodle Joan drew depicted the clothing of the day!

Easter Day April 9, 1939

High–!  Well, I went to 11:00 served [in church] with George Hodge this morning.  Actually was on time. Wore my new tweed swagger coat and powder blue hat.  [Drawing:  “me, just gorgeous, of course”].

Friday June 30, 1939

…. Thursday the 28th was the dinner-dance…. I came horribly late to dinner, but ate the ice cream anyhow…It was at the Hotel Shoreland at 55th and the Lake…. After dinner we went downstairs where they had chartered a room…. It was all decorated up—with red and white balloons everywhere and a slippery waxed floor and pictures of the school and copies of the Midway and so forth all over. …It was open to Aunt Polly’s farewell address—it made me feel almost sad….

I wore my teal blue dress with the pleated skirt—very sheer stockings—my black suede and gold belt and my black suede pumps!!!  You should have seen me.  And I just had a permanent so my hair was absurdly short and frivolous looking…And I had my little blue net hat sitting over my curls like an idiotic Juliet. [Drawing “quite mmm [?], don’t you think?].

Sunday June 8, 1941

            Hello…Well, the British are fighting the French in Syria now.  We knew it would happen…Stayed in bed all day today and read Sosh [sociology].  Delightful.  Almost fell asleep with [Thomas] Hobbes…the dear man is so boring…and population problems—ugh!  I never could divide right. Well, it’s all over Tuesday…

            It’s pretty sad…Tomorrow’s really the last day of school.  Next day I have a comp and then that’s all…I guess I’ll go to graduation Wednesday.  Life’s purty sad now. I feel quite unhappy about it, though I suppose I’ll be glad it’s over too….

            Went to Interfraternity Sing last night and only guess who won the quality cup! —Hugh’s fraternity—Beta Theta Pi—of all things—and they didn’t sing well at all.  I almost died at the announcement and so I’m sure did Hugh…Saw Hutch[ins]!  It was quite pretty.  Red and white lights and lanterns hung all round the circle and high above in the black trees the biggest lantern of all, a full white moon, hung trembling in a clouded black sky.  It almost rained but just didn’t.  We had quite good seats.  On the grass at the top of the circle I wore my gypsy skirt and white blouse.  [Drawing of her sitting “on the grass”].

Quite jolly as you can see — my feet were killing me.

Time goes on—now back to Hobbles and the Leviathan.  Fear I shall fall asleep again.

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