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Student, Teacher, and Book Club Resources

This website contains a repository of information for all sorts of readers.  Some of you may be teenagers assigned this book in a high school class.  Some of you may be parents or grandparents hoping to share family history and lore about World War II with a new generation.  Some of you may be teachers who want to impart to students an actual voice speaking about everyday concerns, hopes and desires embedded in a historical period of such tragic importance.  Some of you lived through World War II yourselves and want to remember those days.

For all of you, no matter who you are or why you are reading Joan’s book, I hope this website and blog can help you learn more and enjoy finding out more about Joan and the time she lived in.

Please write me if you have a question.  I would love  suggestions for other links to websites, movies, and books that you recommend for those interested in this time period.

Or tell us your story or your family’s story!

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  1. I have a diary of my husbands grandfather that dates back to 1938 and goes for around 4 years. It mostly consists of what the weather was and their daily activities. I wanted to blog it but have no idea how. This encourages me to go for it. I am sure it will not be anything like this one, but I’ll never know if I don’t try. Thank you for inspiring this small town Mississippi woman to go for it.


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