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If you live in the Austin, TX area, I’m delighted to visit your school.  I can talk about how Joan’s journals were found, how I edited them, and what the process of putting the book together entailed.  Also, I can do a reading with selections from the published volume, as well as sections I left out, including poems and short stories. I can also give a writing assignment in class for students to do. You can let me know what you would like.

Before I come, it would be best to have assigned the book to your students and have had them read it. I am an English professor and know that if the students haven’t read the material, they can’t really say anything!

I can visit schools, colleges and universities, conferences and book events.

I’ve won a number of teaching awards at my home university so my love of teaching and interacting with students has been recognized.  I can facilitate readings, workshop writing, discussion, and learning.

If you invite me, I would ask that you pay an honorarium, transportation costs, hotel and food expenses.  If you want to coordinate with another school or group, that would less your travel costs.

If you don’t live in Austin and your class is reading Joan’s book, we can arrange for a skype visit.  Just contact me and I’m happy to help your students!

 You can order books through my publishers or a local bookseller in advance of my visit.  And of course I’d be delighted to sign books!

Please contact me here to find out about my schedule, fees, and to let me know what you are interested in for your invitation.

You can contact me at the following email address:  homefrontgirldiary at or for quick contact send me an email through this form.

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