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Here you can explore reviews about Home Front Girl and Another Troy plus excerpts from the book, and other writings not included in the book, such as a few samples of Joan’s poetry.  You can also find out how Susan edited the “raw materials” — the actual journals.

From Friday, December 6, 1940

Here are some sample pages of her journals.  Joan kept her diary entries in two-ring binders.  The post-its at the top of the photo below are mine!  I needed to mark where I wanted to transcribe or double-check passages.

Monday, April 24, 1939

Monday, April 24, 1939

As you can see in this journal entry from April 24, 1939, she doodled a picture of herself reading beneath a tree.  Her little drawings festoon the entire diary and many are replicated in the Home Front Girl!

And in this section you can look at photos of Joan and her family and doodles she festooned her journals with. Enjoy!

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  1. Oh, how exciting to actually SEE the original works.!!!! Thank you, it is such an inclusive part of how this book makes one feel!!!!

  2. himalayan epiphany

    that’s brilliant! There’s nothing like flicking through old photos of people you are close to. I’m attempting a similar thing with my Dad’s memoirs on my blog- he died before we could finish them together so I’m piecing the rest of it together as best I can. I still get a thrill flicking through old newspaper clippings he kept and all the old photos.

  3. Thanks so much! Keep up the work of putting your Dad’s memoirs together. It’s so rewarding once you can share them with other people!

  4. Thank you,I would love to read your book.


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