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Come to the Travis Heights Arts Trail, Saturday November 4, 2017

In November 2017, I had the wonderful opportunity to read at the Travis Heights Arts Trail Author Showcase.

Reading at the beautiful Fairview Inn, run by the delightful Vivian and Jimi Ballard. My son, John, and his German exchange “sister Engelina are on the left!

John got to perform the role of “Frazier” from my mother’s diaries, Home Front Girl. Usually my husband embodies that character. But John did a fine job and seem to capture Frazier’s profound depth and mystery 😉

I teach 3rd-5th graders all about the Middle Ages in February.  It’s an annual Young Writers Workshop. It was wonderful as always. You can read about my one of my experiences here.

I was thrilled to be returning to Chicago to talk about Home Front Girl.  The event took place in Chicago since Joan grew up there.  I spoke at Schaumberg District Public Library in a series called Chicagoland:  Read All About It.  I spoke in May 2015. You can read about that trip here.


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  1. Susan, I just bought this for my kindle and can’t wait to get to reading your book!

  2. Great! I’m thrilled! And I hope to see you in Kerrville in February!


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