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Armistice Day, 1941

An event that took place two days before my mom wrote this entry.

Less than one month before Pearl Harbor, Joan at age 18 reflects on what she fears will be the entanglement of the USA in World War II. Reflecting on Armistice Day, she notes the repeal of the Neutrality Bill.

Thursday, November 13, 1941
. . . Day before yesterday was Armistice Day, if you can call it that—1941 AD . . . If we live, we’ll look back on these days and know, perhaps, either that they were not as important as we thought they were—or that they were much more important. God, in the heavens, look down on the world! . . . Today they finally finished repealing the Neutrality Bill. Arm our ships and send them into belligerent ports—drums beating louder now—we had a peace meeting at school day before yesterday—what the hell, what is Armistice? Time goes on.

Nov. 11, 1941: New Army units, service organizations and State Guard units march down Broadway at 7th Street during annual Armistice Day parade one month before Pearl Harbor. (Al Humphreys / Los Angeles Times)

For more that happened on Armistice Day 1941, read on here.


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