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You know who the “doughboys” were, don’t you?  It was the nickname of young men who went to fight in Europe in World War I.

Well, in 1944 Hollywood produced a crazy film based on a stage play called “The Doughgirls.”  My son, John, and I saw it the other evening on TCM.  It might not have been the most “politically correct” film ever, but it was very funny.  All about overcrowding in Washington, D.C. during the WWII.  A lot of films were based on the premise that housing was hard to find.

Here are the three hapless stars: Jane Wyman, Ann Sheridan, and Alexis Smith.

Here are Jane Wyman — at that time the wife of Ronald Reagan — Ann Sheridan — also known as the “Oomph Girl” — and Alexis Smith.

Especially wonderful is Eve Arden, who plays a Soviet officer.

Here is Eve Arden shooting off her rifle in honor of her little sister, just born in the Soviet Union. Don’t ask–it’s too crazy to explain in this screwball comedy!

You can see the trailer for the film here.

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