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The Militant Recommender: Review of Home Front Girl

I love this blog that reviews books–and not only because it gave Home Front Girl a lovely review you can read in its entirety here.   I like it because it’s, well, “militant.”  I will read what ever Stephanie Piro tells me to read!  After all, she is in command as the Militant Recommender.

I guess that’s what appeals to me about her reviews.  Books should be seen as being vital and compelling–we need to read to be aware, happy, and tuned into our world and what’s beyond our world–and to listen in our minds and hearts. Her blog also has adorable cartoons. See the cartoon for Home Front Girl at the end of this post.

Here’s a quote from Stephanie’s review: “It often seems a slower, sweeter time. Joan walking home from a trip to the Art Institute and the library where she borrows a work by Kipling and writes: Walked home along the lovely lake with elongated purple shadows along the sands. Still bright haired children playing. Still flowers no less vivid or sky less blue, sun like blood in the West. Oh, I felt the glory and the spring of Kipling’s poem, “But as the faithful years return and hearts undaunted sing again”. Isn’t that a lovely thought- “hearts undaunted sing again”-though ever the years are long and hard-the Spring will always come and our hearts can sing again- oh how beautiful”
Is that not more beautiful than a text? She wrote this in 1937, when she was 14….[Joan] writes a multitude of observances on the boys who come and go through her school years, many funny, some angry and others poignant. ….Joan is afraid of what the impending war will do to her life and that of her friends. She is a pacifist, which seems unusual for those times, and has many thoughts on what war does to the people of the USA and the other countries affected. I could go on and on, because this book is just so quotable… but really, you want to get a copy of Home Front Girl for yourself so you can curl up with it and let Joan take you back in time, as you see the world through the eyes of this appealing narrator.”

Stephanie Piro’s cartoon of Home Front Girl from The Militant Recommender []

Be sure to look at Stephanie’s  cartoon blogspot which is charming!

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