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World War II & NYC: New York Historical Society Exhibit

How wonderful that an exhibit has opened at the New York Historical Society on World War II & NYC.  This exhibit will be open until May 27, 2013.  The exhibit has four sections:

1. New York Before Pearl Harbor, 1933–41

2. The New York Home Front, 1942–45

3. Going to War, 1942–45

4. Victory and Loss, 1945

Be sure to explore the site if you cannot attend.  Or explore before you go to the exhibit so you can xero in on exhibits that more interest you.

This site has many wonderful photos.

Here’s a poignant Soldier Portrait by Ben Brown

General and future president Eisenhower

And what about this amazing poster!

Poster about Women in the War

And this chilling cartoon:

This cartoon about War Aims by Oliver Harrington pulls no punches!

Do let Home Front Girl Diary know if you have attended and what your impressions were!

This New York Times article by Edward Rothstein reviewing the exhibit has more photos, so be sure to check it out!

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  1. BRAVO!!! Wonderful site, and I am happy to see more about “Home Front Girl Diary”……
    THANK YOU, Susie’s Blog!!!
    With love, Beverly


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