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A Visit to my Publishers

In March 2013, my family and I had the great pleasure of visiting Chicago, the Windy City!  It is also the home of my mother, Joan Wehlen Morrison.  And her diaries, now published as Home Front Girl, are set mainly in this wonderfully vibrant city.

Chicago Review Press is in Chicago.  I first made contact with my editor, Lisa Reardon, in November 2011.  And so for almost 1 1/2 years, she and I have emailed.  But we had never met each other!  Nor had I met the publicity folks, Mary Kravenas and Caitlin Eck.  But finally, I have!

Here I am in front of my publishers on a sunny but chilly day.

There is nothing like putting a face and a tone of voice to the people you’ve only corresponded with via email!  And what a pleasure it was to meet with kindred spirits!  I hope we’ll meet again!

By the door of Chicago Review Press.

By the door of Chicago Review Press.

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