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Home Front Girl is excerpted in the magazine America in WWII

I’m very excited!  There is a magazine for those interested in World War II called America in WWII.

This is the issue Joan's diaries appear in.

This is the issue Joan’s diaries appear in.

It has a subscription circulation of about 12,000 readers, which means even more people read it (library patrons, etc.).  It retells and discovers stories from the past and makes them live today.

Imagine my delight when I cracked open my latest issue to see that Home Front Girl was featured!  The magazine did a beautiful job designing the six page excerpt (that is a LOT!).  It appears in a section called “I Was There.”  The magazine entitled the story “Coming of Age in a Burning World.”

You can download the excerpt with Joan’s reflections on Pearl Harbor and its aftermath here: AmericaInWWII.

Joan with the newspaper the day Britain goes to war

Joan with the newspaper the day Britain goes to war.

The magazine has great resources, like this film of the B-17 Flying Fortresses.

This page has many links to footage from the war.  They even have a link on their site which allows you to listen to Big Band Music while you browse the site which has lots of important articles.

There are fascinating back issues you can also buy.

Stars at War with Clark Gable on the cover

Stars at War with Clark Gable on the cover

If you are interested in WWII, you will definitely want to subscribe to America in WWII, just as I have. You can do so by following this link.  Happy reading!

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  1. Congratulations! How wonderful to have some recognition!


  2. That’s great. You’ll reach a whole new batch of readers and ones who really like the topic from the start.

  3. YAHOO!!! Dahling!!!! This is a wonderful audience to reach, and one who will get so much more out of our loving Joan’s Diary!!! BRAVO to our very dear Susie!!!!
    Big Love, from Blabberly

  4. magnoliamoonpie

    I was born during WWII…so it’s become my war…I have childhood memories of ration books, blackout curtains and oleomargarine! I’m going to check out the magazine!


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