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The Diary of A(nother) Young Girl

Here’s a lovely review of my mom’s book–from Chicago Book Review!

Chicago Book Review


Home Front Girl:
A Diary of Love, Literature,
and Growing Up in Wartime America

 by Joan Wehlen Morrison


9781613744574 hi res cover imageWartime diaries written by young girls are something of a rarity, so it is more than likely that Joan Wehlen Morrison’s engaging Home Front Girl will be compared to such titles as Anne Frank’s World War II classic Diary of a Young Girl and Zlata Filipovic’s more recent entry Zlata’s Diary: A Child’s Life in Wartime Sarajevo. Such comparisons are apt, so long as they don’t detract from the unique voice captured in Wehlen’s work.

Pulled from journal entries and school notebooks, Home Front Girl reveals the daily goings-on, thoughts, and feelings of young Joan Wehlen. Written between 1937 and 1943, the book captures Wehlen between the ages of fourteen and twenty while a student, first at Greeley, then at Lakeview, and finally at the University of Chicago Junior…

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  1. What a wonderful comparison……YES? He has cited titles which have lasted, and our Joan’s is added to that– which we KNEW should happen!!!!
    Love and thanks, Beverly

    • Thanks so much, Beverly! I agree that Joan’s diary should be added to a list of wonderful other diaries of young women in wartime. Her view adds to the mosaic of experiences that girls had–some happy, many tragic– but all authentic.


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