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Dancing with Frank: January 1941

Dancing with Frank: January 1941

Nora is like Joan’s English twin. Nora’s great niece is writing about this wartime diary. This entry: wartime dances!

Socks for the Boys!


 1st January 1941: Went to Hemington with Ma.

 2nd: Snowed

 9th: Bombs dropped at Diseworth and Wilson.

10th: Helen, Ma and I went to Long Eaton to buy coat for M.

13th: Washing. Good day.

15th: Started school. Kath form captain. Raids.

18th: Ma went to Dr about her hand.

19th: Very deep snow.

22nd: New Tec boy from Diseworth Robert Lee Warner

24th: Frank & I went to dance.

25th: May Twells married.

Norah is more tweet-like than ever at the start of 1941. The weather is bitter, so cold  that Marsie needs a warmer winter coat. The latest local bombs have dropped on the starfish sites located at the edges of the villages of Diseworth and Wilson.  A New Tec boy is her latest crush and…

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