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Between brothers

Between brothers

More from Joan’s UK diary-keeping “twin.”

Socks for the Boys!

Jim’s requests for schoolgirl photos go unnoticed or at least unremarked upon by Norah and they settle into a fun and flirtatious correspondence through the summer of 1941. For now, there are no more worrying letters, just the complicating factor that is Danny, Jim’s younger brother, who is now on the scene.

Remember it is Jim who first puts Norah and Danny in touch. A trainee officer in the RAF, Danny is on a course at Loughborough College, the Leicestershire town where Norah has just finished her schooling. Jim arranges their first meeting for the 5th July, but Danny fails to turn up. The following week he sends Norah a ‘beautiful letter’, informing her that he is going to a RAF base in Wiltshire. He writes again from there, another grand letter, to say he is going home for seven days (‘on a motorbike’, Norah adds).  30th July: Went to Forester’s Sale. Ma bought coal bucket etc. Received letter…

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