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Friends with your mother….

Stephanie Piro’s cartoon from Home Front Girl from The Militant Recommender []

I was so delighted to receive this comment out of the blue the other day from someone who had just picked up Home Front Girl.
I checked your mother’s diary out of the library, thinking I would skim it just to get a general impression of the era from a young woman’s point of view.  Instead, I read and enjoyed every word.  Your mother was an excellent writer, even as a teenager, and she had such a funny, vivacious, and clearly infectious spirit, but was also profound and occasionally somewhat prescient. 
Anyway, it was a delightful read, and I felt like I would have been friends with your mother if our lives had crossed.
P.S. There are way too few accounts of the WWII years on the homefront and the ones that do exist tend to focus on the same few themes: Rosie the Riveter, rationing, etc. Thanks for doing your part to expand the repertoire a bit.
Thank you for these kind words–Joan’s presence still makes itself felt, not only in the lives of her family and her friends, but strangers throughout the world.

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