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Happy Holidays from 1937, 1939, and 2012 — 1940 is less happy…..

As Joan wrote in her journals over 70 years ago:

[Age 15] Dec. 25, 1937

Hello! It’s Christmas Day! Isn’t that a lovely word—“Christmas”—the very sound of it makes you think of bright snow and blue stars and shining laughing things – especially the “Christ” part – the sound of the word is like bright snow or sunlight. The sound of “God” makes you feel strange too. Not like “Christ,” not bright and shining, but like something glowing deep within you. Words – some of them – seem to come from the very heart of men —some bright and some deep within you. Words are terribly beautiful—sometimes.

December 25, 1939

A clipping from Joan's scrapbook.  A photo from the newspaper in Chicago, 1939.

A clipping from Joan’s scrapbook. A photo from the newspaper in Chicago, 1939.

[Age 18] Christmas 1940

Then on Michigan Blvd I passed suddenly the Cunard window…. An exhibit for the BWR [British War Relief]—pictures of little children in Britain—homes bombed—helmets that could be knitted for the RAF—a noble purpose—but it’s making war in our hearts…The little German children are bombed and hungry too…And all the sudden, in an emotional intensity, I thought, “This may be the last Christmas we shall have”…Christmas 1940…I should be wise and know the world will never end…Time is a funny mirror—sometimes the image is distorted…An unofficial truce played over Christmas in Europe today—Hitler said, “German fliers will not fly on Christmas if British flyers will not.” And they did not…And so a white bloodless Christmas there and the sky is weeping here…Christmas 1940—

And from Jim, Sarah, John and me (Susie): Merry Christmas 2012

Here we are with our dear friend, Don Singer--Happy Holidays to all!

Here we are with our dear friend, Don Singer–Happy Holidays to all!

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