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Curriculum Guide and Book Club Discussion Questions

Now the Curriculum Guide and the Book Club Discussion Questions sheet for Home Front Girl are available for download.  home-front-girl.jpgPlease use and share them with teachers, students, and other interested parties.  I hope you find them food for thought!

Click Discussion Questions_Guide_website sheet to download it.

Click HFGCurriculumGuide to download it.

I had fun writing both these pedagogical materials.  And I hope they will help readers, students, and teachers as they explore World War II and the events that lead up to that time.

Each Chapter Guide includes:

  • Vocabulary

  • Discussion Starters

  • The guide facilitates the deepening of curriculum standards and objectives.

There are also:

Curriculum Connections

Culminating Activities

And a Q & A with Susan Signe Morrison (me!), Joan’s daughter and the editor of the book.  I hope you enjoy these supplements to Home Front Girl and that they make your class or Book Club discussions more focused and enjoyable!

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