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I just came across a wonderful resource with LOTS of information about World War II, including primary material and documents.  It is the Social Studies and History Teacher’s Blog.  They even have a section on the World War II Homefront.

Of the fascinating movies they include, I like this one. It’s about an African American farmer, Henry Browne, who is a peanut farmer in Georgia.

The film extols farmers and their work.  In this case, Mr. Browne’s plow is pulled by two mules on his 40 acres.  Mrs. Browne has a garden. They’ll can things for those who live in cities who cannot grow their own vegetables.  Mr. Browne’s planting of peanuts along curves of the hill prevents erosion–and the narrator praises him for this, reminding the listener that we have to save our land and resources “for the duration” (the length of the war).

The film seems to promote the unity of all Americans — of all races (no mention is made of discrimination), genders (both the parents and the all children–male and female–contribute) and rural and urban inhabitants.

The exciting ending shows the family visiting the oldest brother–who is a a member of the 99th Flying Squadron, the first flying unit for African Americans.  They became known as the Tuskegee Airmen!

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