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My dear daughter

I just want to be able to thank Sarah, website master extraordinaire.  I had put this website together basically alone–with some help from WordPress Support Pages.  I remember the thrill of conquering drop-down menus!  Woo-hoo.  It only took me 7 hours…..

But the header for my page was causing me problems.  How could I add a photo of the cover?  How could I have the fonts match the book jacket?  Such are the dreary woes of the website owner.

Then, along came my 16 year old genius, a.k.a. my daughter, Sarah.

Sarah, Photoshop whiz extraordinaire. Kudos and thanks!

She knows how to do Photoshop.  She knows how to get fonts that match.  She knows….well…just about everything!  In one hour (or less) she had managed to replicate the book cover’s fonts, change the color palette of the site to match the book, and do everything I asked for.

She made my dreams come true!

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